Housekeeping: Bed Making

How to make the bed:

  • A Mattress Protector covers the mattress. Make it completely smooth.
  • The Fitted sheet is the 1st sheet. It is an elastic sheet that covers the corners of the mattress protector and mattress.
  • The Flat sheet is the 2nd sheet. This sheet is placed upside down on top of the fitted sheet. The top of the sheet is about 6 inches from the headboard. The bottom of the sheet is tucked under the mattress at the bottom end of the bed. Use the hospital corner.
    • Blanket: About 40 cm from the top, tuck in the same as fitted sheet all the way up the bed.
  • The Flat sheet is the 3rd sheet. This sheet is placed with the right side up and covers the blanket. The top of the sheet is at the same height as the top of the blanket. Tuck this sheet the same as the others on the bottom corners, using the hospital corner.
  • Fold the 2nd sheet over the edge of the blanketand turn it back 6 inches to the inside. Tuck in the sides completely.
    • Three sheets are used for hygienic reasons.
  • The Cover is placed on top of the 3rd sheet and not tucked into the sides.
    • The back side hangs free on the wood of the bed. Fold back the top side and fold forward again until the top of the sheet.
  • 4 pillows are placed on each side of the bed.
  • Use pillow protectors – They usually have a zip. Then cover the pillow with a pillow case, tuck the corners of the pillow into the case. The “opened- end” of the case face each other and a space is left in the center of the bed.
  • First two pillows are placed against the headboard with the opened sides facing each other. Place the other two pillows in front of the back too, slightly lower but in alignment.
  • Placed the roll pillow in front of the first 4 pillows then add the accent pillows.
  • Place the comforter at the bottom of the bed.
  • Always walk around the bed, making sure that you are more than happy with your progress.

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