Permanent Placements

Welcome to Guild Recruitment International

Guild Recruitment International (GR), in association with The South African Butler Academy (SABA), is pleased to assist you with your recruitment requirements. We specialize in the placement of our qualified SABA Butlers, Household & Estate Managers, Chef Butlers, Housekeepers / Housemen, and more. We offer full-time, part time, and seasonal contract positions in South Africa and Internationally.

The Process:

Guild Recruitment placements follow strict protocols and procedures.  From interview questions to state of the art screening techniques, we are thorough and consistent with both industry and Butler Academy standards of discretion and distinction.  We present our Clients only with candidates who we feel are capable of performing the job requirements. We respect your valuable time, interests, security, privacy and money. 

Our Candidates are first presented to you as a comprehensive profile, with additional information including resumes, letters of reference and clearance checks available to the client upon request. Our goal throughout the hiring process is to provide as much support as possible.  Our services are results oriented and our process is designed to ensure that the relationship, both with our Clients and the Candidates, is successful, long-lasting and consistent with our demanding standards of excellence.

You can expect the following:

  • To speak with one of our Professional Recruitment Officers.
  • You will be listened to thoroughly in order that your needs and requirements are fully understood.
  • Questions relating to the position will be asked so that an accurate job description can be prepared for our selection process.
  • The Recruitment Director will follow up to review any questions or concerns you may have.
  • Suitable Candidates will be identified from our diverse database of private service professionals.
  • A Candidate Profile consists of Guild Recruitment Resume, photograph, personal and professional references.
  • Once you identify candidates of interest, the Recruitment Officer will facilitate either a telephonic, Skype or in-person interview.
  • Costs for in-person interviews, travel costs (out of Cape Town) and trial days are for the Clients account where applicable.
  • The Recruitment Director will offer support throughout the hiring process.
  • We assist with reference and background checks. A full lifestyle audit can be done at an additional charge.
  • Once an offer of employment has been made, a confirmation will need to be signed by both the Client and the Candidate and returned within 3 working days of the offer being made. Please note that as our Candidates undergo as many interviews for potential positions as possible, the final decision for accepting any offer is entirely the Candidate’s until the offer of employment is signed by both parties.
  • The Recruitment Director will facilitate, advise and negotiate the Terms and Conditions between the Client and the Candidate, ensuring that both parties are satisfied and in agreement with the Contract of Employment.
  • Once employed, the Recruitment Director will follow up to ensure that all is satisfactory and to address any concerns which may arise.
  • After the engagement, our door remains open.  It is possible that hiccups may occur after a placement, but our commitment is to assist Clients and Candidates navigate successfully through this transition period.

Placement Fee:

Our professional recruitment fee becomes payable after we have found a suitable candidate and both you and the candidate have agreed to and accepted the employment terms. This fee is applicable per candidate placed. The placement fee is calculated on the gross annual salary including benefits. CTC – Cost to Company or individual.

  • Permanent Placements: continuous employment longer than a 3-month period

Fee: equal to 15% of the annual gross salary (CTC)

  • Temporary Employment: regular employment from 1 week to 3 months – time period to be specified

Fee: 20% of total earnings per month

  • Internship Programs: contracted period – requirements may vary

Fee: equal to 10% of the annual gross salary (CTC)

A placement is deemed successful and finalized once an offer of employment has been made by a Client and accepted by the Candidate. The signing of a contract is merely a formality; therefore, our placement fee becomes effective upon confirmation of employment. Should a Client cancel an offer of employment prior to the candidates start date or before our invoice has been paid, the placement fee will still be due to Guild Recruitment as we have already provided a successful service to the Client. Should a candidate cancel prior to starting a position with a Client, we will follow the procedure as per our guarantee policy.

Offers of Employment:

Please be advised that Guild Recruitment holds exclusivity over the placement of all SABA Butlers with our Clients be the introduction direct or indirect at any venue or event. We deem this necessary for the protection of our Clients’ as well as the reputation of Guild Recruitment and The South African Butler Academy. All offers of employment; be they casual, temporary, permanent or temporary to permanent, must be contracted through Guild Recruitment. Should a Client approach a Candidate of ours after the initial introduction by Guild Recruitment on the South African Butler Academy, the Client and the Candidate are obliged to notify the Agency of any offer of employment made thereafter. All our Candidates have signed confidentiality as well as Code of Conduct agreements to this effect. Should the Agency directly or inadvertently become aware of any candidate working for any Client without the knowledge and approval of the Agency, the Client will be held liable for the full placement fee and will be invoiced accordingly and with payment due immediately. This mandate is valid from the first introduction between Client and Candidate (including profiles) and for a period of 12 months thereafter.


  • Permanent Placements: Clients will be invoiced once an offer of employment has been made and accepted. Payment is due no later than the Candidate’s first working day, as specified on our invoice.
  • Temporary Placements: Clients will be invoiced upon confirmation and finalization of the precise requirements. Payment is due no later than the Candidate’s first working day, as specified on our invoice.

Any guarantee period is valid only if our invoice is paid on time. Should the invoice not be paid within the specified time period, the guarantee will be null and void. Payment of invoices for expenses relating to replacement candidates are due immediately upon being invoiced.

Our Guarantee:

Our aim is to guarantee our client a successful placement.  In the event that our candidate resigns or is dismissed (not due to unfair labour practices, breach of contract or unreasonable working conditions) within the 90-day probation period, we will find a substitute candidate who meets the same employment criteria and qualifications as initially agreed upon, at no additional cost. This process continues until the client is completely satisfied as we do not offer any refunds on placement fees for whatever reason. Should the initial client requirements change within the trail period, we would need up to 3 months to provide alternative candidate profiles. Replacements, if and when required within the 3 months’ period, will only be fulfilled if we have received the full placement fee from the Client within the stipulated period.

Should a Client terminate a Candidates contract of employment within the guarantee period due to a change in the Client’s operational requirements, unfair labour practices or breach of contract with the candidate, the agency will be under no obligation to offer any replacement or refund of fees. Should a client decrease the candidate’s salary for whatever reason, there will be no claim for the difference in placements fees. The difference is also not transferable should the client make another or new appointment.

A replacement candidate does not have another guarantee period. Our guarantee period is for the total time stipulated, dated as per our invoice or for a period of 90 days should there be a break in between.

Since Guild Recruitment offers guarantee periods associated with the level of service contracted, we reserve the right to remove and replace the candidate within this period if all expectations and standards are not met to the clients’ and SABA’s satisfaction. Random calls, visits and progress reports will be conducted where possible on a regular basis to ensure that the candidate’s performance is acceptable. Telephonic / Skype communication for evaluation will be implemented for International or out of Cape Town placements.


Guild Recruitment does not accept any responsibility and / or liability in regards to any information or misrepresentation concerning any candidate, nor shall GR be liable for any loss or damage incurred or suffered by the Client resulting from any act or omission of any Candidate, be it intentional or through negligence.