SABA Butler Roots

The Role of The Hotel Butler. Creating the right image. The traditions and history behind the role of the Hotel Butler. The modern-day Hotel Butler in the 21st century. How to keep up professional standards. Personal Presentation and Grooming.

Etiquette and Protocol. Defining manners. Meeting and greeting guests, shaking hands, seating guests and addressing VIP and titled guests correctly. General etiquette relevant to the many situations in which the professional Hotel Butler will be required to handle. Knocking and Entering. Opening the guest’s vehicle doors in the manner of the Royal Households in Europe. 

Guest awareness. Establishing a rapport with employers and guests through more knowledge from a geographical and cultural point of view. This section includes some interesting tips from Video Presentation.

Communication. Verbal and non-verbal communication. Successfully understanding and interpreting body language. Interpersonal skills such as conversing with people explaining systems, understanding and carrying out guests’ requests. Dealing with guests’ complaints and coping with challenging situations.

Butler Personal Valet. Basic requirements and knowledge for the care and handling of clothes. Care of guests’ clothes prior to use. Packing and unpacking of guests’ luggage. Shoe care, and cleaning. Minor repairs to guests’ clothes. Purchasing and appreciating fine quality clothes and handmade shoes. Keeping records and inventories.

Table Management. Butler-style service for in-room dining and private room, hosting events. Elegant food and beverage service, setting up for functions, creating stunning table settings for formal and less formal events. Champagne, Wine, Matching food and wine, Caviar Service, Silver Service, Cigars and so much more!

Quality awareness. The ‘attention to detail’ section, the points to check out in suites and villas, identifying guest expectations. Ensuring total service satisfaction. Knowledge, not just about the local and International scene, but all those exclusive brand names and products, about which Butlers need to know. What makes a Resort Butler? Those extra care to detail, includes purchasing & wrapping gifts, buying and arranging and creating stunning flowers, and providing thoughtful amenities to employers and guests, turn-down service, afternoon tea, resort tray service, in-room dining, advance jet / helicopter Butler service. (If applicable)

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