Chris von Ulmenstein | Shocking Truth

Read the truth and nothing but the truth.

“The problem with the internet and the permissive blogging this encourages is not so much it giving anybody with a pulse and a keyboard a platform on which to write. More disconcerting is that participation in the on-line space actually gives some people the belief that they can write, when there should be a universal law prohibiting their ambitions of stepping outside the temporary blogosphere wherein the viewer can be rescued by the delete button.

Evidence of this can be found in this book, the result of Cape Town-based blogger Chris von Ulmenstein’s misguided belief that she can string enough repetitive words, clumsy sentences and grammatical monstrosities together and call the end product a book. Or as she refers to it in the gluttonous stretches of self-praise with which Switchbitch’s development and publication are blogged about, “The Book”.


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