A few things to remember for a good handshake:

  • Shaking hands is always done without glove;
  • Enter the room with confidence;
  • When you know the name of the person you meet, repeat his/her name a few time to yourself to make sure it’s on the tip of your tongue;
  • Be sure that your hand is dry (wipe your palm on your skirt or trouser);
  • Have the right attitude by thinking positive thoughts, negative thoughts will be communicated through your body language when you meet someone;
  • Smile and look the other person in the eyes, these are signs of honesty and confidence;
  • Give a firm, warm and sincere handshake, this demonstrates that you are capable, assertive and able to hold your own;
  • Stroke 2 times;
  • Mention your name and listen carefully to the name of the other person. Should you not hear the name very well, ask him to mention his name again;
  • Say something like good morning or good evening and repeat the name – avoid using the word ‘Hi’;
  • Observe the type of handshake you are receiving. Is the person pushing, pulling or twisting? Is the hand warm, damp, cold, dry or lifeless?
  • A sweaty palm or damp hand usually reveals a nervous person.
  • A dry and cold hand is perhaps an apprehensive and timid person or simply an older person
  • Remember the handshake. This can be useful for the next meeting.

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