Ironing Tips:

For the use of spray starch:  Wonderful tip when ironing:  fill empty, clean spray bottle with about ¾ of water.  Spray a can of spray starch into bottle to fill up the other ¼.  This is great to use when ironing sheets, pillow cases, napkins, really anything that is extremely wrinkled. 

Spray starch sprayed directly onto fabric before ironing leaves a flaky substance.  There is often not much space to do the ironing.  If the laundry room is close to staff quarters, and the guys might be on their break and watching TV or sleeping.  They can hear the steam iron going at all times of day and night.  Try to structure ironing so that the staff area is clear during meal times and when others are relaxing/sleeping.  This is sometimes really hard to do.  Just be considerate and think before you make a noise while ironing!!

All black and navy blue clothes must be ironed inside out or with the protective ironing cloth over it, to ensure that it does not burn and go shiny.

Apart from this, staff uniforms must also be ironed.