The Butler’s Service qualities

1. Trustworthiness
2. Loyalty (respect privacy & confidentiality)
3. Causing Good Effects Quietly (Unobtrusive yet indispensable – like air, you need it but can’t see it)
4. Caring and passion – Can Do (Yes Sir, what is the Question?)
5. Social Graces, Tactful & Mannerly, Gracious, Considerate of Others
6. Discreet, Thinking Twice Before Saying Nothing (maintaining confidentiality)
7. Anticipation: Observation, Knowledge & Inventiveness (Anticipating client needs)
8. Attention to Detail, Creating Aesthetic Moments
9. Unflappably Efficient (technical skill)
10. Friendly, But Never Crossing the Line (never to be too familiar)
11. Friendly & Caring for Employees, But Not Familiar
12. Serves, But Not Servile (“I will serve you, but will never be your servant”)
13. Flexible About Schedule but Punctual
14. Good Organizer, Can Handle Paperwork
15. Daily Review of Performance for Improvement (Daily Grace)