International Butler Day | 2020

#InternationalButlerDay | 29th July 2020 (Birthday of Milan, our Son)

A great initiative started in 2018 to appreciate previous, current and future Butlers by the World Leaders in Butler Training.

Post a picture of *yourself at work or any “Butler Tool and yourself” using #HashTag #InternationalButlerDay on the 29th July 2020 on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn and stand a chance to win a seat on our next available Virtual Butler Course worth $600 starting on the 13th July 2020! Best **photo will be selected by an independent board of active working Butlers around the globe.

*Please do not post a picture at your work place if you are not allowed to do so. Confidentiality is key for any and all Butlers.

**The owner / photographer / Company / of the Best photo tagged and selected by us, give us full authority to publicise and use (with credit) the photo on any and all social platforms.

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Our winner for 2019. Leon from Sandals South Coast. @iam_sandalshr

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